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Hello Everyone,

Firstly, let me introduce myself, my name is Jo, I’m a passionate herstorian, fierce feminist and a first time Mum. I live in Liverpool with my partner and my little boy, Zak. In my spare time (in between changing nappies and watching Hey Duggee) I enjoy reading historical fiction, listening to podcasts and watching period dramas.

For as long as I can remember women’s history has always been my passion. I find the history of the British Suffrage Movement both fascinating and inspiring. Often facing ridicule, censure and sometimes physical violence, suffragists and suffragettes across the country bravely campaigned for women to gain the right to vote.

Over the years I have utilised every opportunity to study the movement in more detail. At university, I specialised in British suffragette militancy and the role it played in gaining British women partial franchise in 1918.

Post university my passion for everything suffrage was re-ignited, when as a founding member of Fawcett Merseyside (a local branch of The Fawcett Society) I was tasked with creating an online archive documenting the history of the Merseyside Suffrage Movement. It was through this project that I first discovered the formidable Eleanor Rathbone and my feminist girl crush on her began.

Eleanor Rathbone is not alone, Liverpool has created and played host to many trailblazing women. The aim of this blog is to celebrate them and hopefully, by recounting the herstory of Merseyside I will inspire others to seek out their local sheroes and #celebrateherstoryeveryday!

​Love Jo

The Herstorian Mum